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    RSM Partners enterpriseConnector in action

    12th December 2019: enterpriseConnector is powerful z/OS software which enables you to fully and securely integrate a wide range of enterprise solutions with your mainframe systems and infrastructure. "What makes enterpriseConnector different is that it's so customizable," says Tony Amies, Architect and Lead Developer.

  • "Extremely versatile, it provides a secure protection layer between an enterprise solution and the mainframe, removing the need for the enterprise solution to understand the mainframe Sysplex architecture, command/data formats or to require privileged access rights."

    enterpriseConnector not only integrates enterprise-wide systems such as identity and access management, and provides self-service password management, it also enables you to offload mainframe data for analytics, gain a graphical view of mainframe data, and remotely execute mainframe processes. The software's key feature is the ability to provide fully customized solutions for any internal data formats or company policies. This capability has led to enterpriseConnector being deployed at sites across the world.

    To read our client case studies showing the varying ways RSM Partners has implemented enterpriseConnector in partnership with its customers, visit the enterpriseConnector page here

    The case studies cover:

    - Banking and Oracle

    - Retail and Zendesk

    - Identity Management in a Large Banking Group

    Or for additional information, email info@rsmpartners.com