NewsToo many mainframe tasks, too few people


    Too many mainframe tasks, too few people

    16th January 2020: RSM Partners mainframe out tasking model is designed to help organizations to maximize resource utilization and reduce costs in mainframe environments: tasks are executed quickly and efficiently by skilled resources within a blended team.

  • "BAU task-based services can be used to better support core functions, release valuable capacity and help save money," says Mark Banwell, Managing Director, RSM Partners. "Analyzing support requirements on a function and task basis, rather than headcount basis, provide valuable insights into how you can better support your activities and make the best possible use of people. With a clear view of requirements, you can formulate a set of 'generic' task-based activities that you can then engage a trusted partner to manage and deliver. An increasing number of our clients are seeing the benefits of this approach, creating and releasing capacity from their in-house teams by asking RSM to take on generic tasks."

    He adds, "A key element is that the RSM Partners team integrates with the client's own processes and systems to enable seamless service provision. In a very real sense, we are your own team. Meanwhile, in-house teams retain their integrity and the client retains control of their environment at all times."

    Key mainframe out tasking service elements include:

    - A focused cost-neutral solution to address mainframe skills and staffing

    - Maximizing the value and experience of your in-house mainframe personnel

    - Releasing capacity from in-house teams into targeted projects or into new cost savings

    - Ensuring smooth running of functions including z/OS, Security, Capacity Planning, TSCOMMs, Middleware, Db2 and IDMS - alongside 24/7 System Monitoring

    - Mitigating operational risks

    - Reducing management overheads

    Mark Banwell says, "People come to RSM because we're the acknowledged specialists in mainframe infrastructure management, as well as providing a gateway to any other specific project resources they may need. Flexibility is the key. RSM Partners out tasking services can be ramped up and down as needed, depending on changing client requirements, and also provide access to our Staff Augmentation Service for short notice/short duration project resources.

    "We place a big emphasis on using UK onshore resources. The mainframe is a vastly complex platform that demands years of dedication to understand its intricacies, and the years needed to attain that experience are uncommon in offshored resources. By contrast, RSM clients benefit from the reliability and knowledge of experts that have worked on mainframes from the 1970s and 1980s onwards. This real-world experience, and our client focus, make us different."

    For more information on our mainframe out tasking services download our Out Tasking data sheet here

    Alternatively, you can find additional details on our Managed Mainframe Services page here