NewsRSM Partners to sponsor and present at IBM Z


    RSM Partners to sponsor and present at IBM Z Security Conference

    12th August 2019: RSM Partners is delighted to be sponsoring this year's WW IBM Z Security Conference taking place at the IBM Client Center Montpellier from 15th to 18th October. Technical Director, Mark Wilson will also be presenting a session on 'Migrating to RACF' on the Thursday.

  • This year's event has two themes: Cybersecurity threats of today and tomorrow; and What's new in mainframe hardware and software to make your business more secure.

    The conference will explain how to overcome security challenges with IBM Z, pervasive encryption implementation, the latest security information, and IBM Z security offerings that complete a comprehensive security solution. More than 150 attendees are expected to attend, including IBM Z customers, business partners and IBMers.

    Mark's presentation abstract is as follows:

    Have more than one ESM and want to consolidate to RACF? Want to move from ACF/2 or Top Secret to RACF? Whilst often considered "open heart surgery" for your mainframe, this is not as daunting as you may think..... as long as you have the correct surgeon at the table.

    You need:



    Technical Skills

    Proven processes

    RSM has performed many ACF/2 and Top Secret migrations over his 15 year history, however the key technical team performed their first migration in 1992! We discuss the process, the challenges and also the benefits of such a migration.

    RSM Partners is a trusted mainframe security partner to high profile organizations including banks, insurers, retailers, government, systems integrators, and global consulting firms. In an age of digital disruption and cybercrime, our unique managed approach helps to secure essential systems against damaging internal and external threats. In addition, our integrated suite of mainframe security software tools helps organizations better manage and secure their mainframe systems through an easy-to-use browser-based environment.

    An international speaker in mainframe security and technology, and a passionate advocate of all things Z, Mark Wilson heads RSM Partners' Technical and Security teams.

    For more information email: info@rsmpartners.com