NewsMark Wilson and Chad Rikansrud at SHARE Fort Worth


    Mark Wilson and Chad Rikansrud appearing at SHARE Fort Worth

    9th January 2020: Mark Wilson and Chad Rikansrud have been asked to take part in a number of mainframe security presentations at SHARE Fort Worth between 23rd to 28th February 2020.

  • At SHARE events, attendees enjoy advancing the enterprise technology industry. Each bi-annual event is handcrafted by volunteers to help professionals expand knowledge, enhance skills and increase organizational efficiencies by focusing on SHARE's three main tenets of educate, network and influence. SHARE Forth Worth will incorporate 500+ technical sessions and hands-on labs on enterprise IT hot topics such as Security, Mainframe Hardware, Cloud Technology in the Enterprise, Data Privacy, API Economy, Zowe & Open Source, and IBM Z.

    Monday 24th February from 11am to 12 noon: Mark and Chad will join Russell Witt of CA Technologies to present the MVSS Keynote - "Cypto Concepts for Storage Folks: 13 Flavors of Encryption, what does it all mean?" in Room 202C. If you're like many, you may be overwhelmed at the different terms used about encryption and what they mean. In this talk, they'll discuss the working description of relevant items, both technological offerings and crypto primitives, a little bit about what they are and the pros/cons and what risks are and are not mitigated by each. More details can be found here.

    Monday 24th February from 4.15pm to 5.15pm: Chad will present with Chris Meyer of IBM, "A Moat Around Your Mainframe - Thwarting Network-based Attacks on z/OS" in Room 203C. In this session, Chad and Chris will demonstrate common network-based attacks with a variety of z/OS network security features that can be used to defend against them. You will see how features like z/OS Intrusion Detection Services, IP Packet and Defensive Filtering, network access controls and more can create a moat to protect your z/OS castle from network hackers. You can register here.

    Wednesday 26th February from 2.15pm to 3.15pm: Mark Wilson is delivering "Pentesting 103" in Room 101. This is a follow on from previous 101 and 102 sessions, is a technical session and there will be lots of Assembler, Python and REXX code displayed and discussed. You can find full details and register here.

    Mark Wilson, who heads RSM Partners' Technical and Security teams, is an international speaker in mainframe security and technology, and a passionate advocate of all things Z.

    Chad Rikansrud is RSM Partners' Director of North America Operations and has 25 years of IT, security and risk management experience.

    You can find out more about SHARE Forth Worth and register here.

    For information on RSM Partners' mainframe security services click here. Alternatively, you can contact us direct at info@rsmpartners.com