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    Mainframe security executive paper: the problem with passwords

    3rd January 2019: RSM Partners has published a new security briefing paper on ways to enhance your mainframe security, touching on key issues including password insecurity, the threat of data breaches and the benefits of Multi-factor Authentication. The paper explains that in a world where arguably the greatest enterprise security threats are insider threats, standard mainframe security approaches are not enough - and are easily undone by password insecurity.

    "In effect, passwords can represent a single point-of-failure," says RSM Partners' Technical Director, Mark Wilson. "Indeed, the mainframe often has the weakest password policies and algorithms in an entire enterprise. Are we making it difficult enough for potential hackers to get in, and do their worst? Almost certainly not."

    "In the paper, I write about the risks to business and the serious ramifications of stolen credentials. It may not be easy reading for some. But the good news is that while your mainframe may not be the most highly secure on the planet right now, the mainframe itself is the world's most securable commercial computing platform. And all the security tools and advanced techniques that you need are already out there."

    Given that some 81% of breaches can be attributed to credential re-use, the paper focuses on how Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) can become a key weapon in an organization's identity and access management armory. Mark adds, "MFA can provide a valuable way to mitigate the risks, avoid costs and meet the requirements of regulatory and audit bodies."

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