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    New Data Backups & PE Technical Paper

    1st July 2019: RSM Partners' Senior Security Consultant Lennie Dymoke-Bradshaw has written a detailed paper titled "Data backups and pervasive encryption: a risk-based approach." The text examines the reasons and methods for performing backups of data stored on z/OS systems, and how that reasoning and thinking may change with the introduction of z/OS pervasive encryption of data sets."

  • "Pervasive Encryption of z/OS data sets is a strong strategy to address certain security and compliance requirements," Lennie says. "However, PE for data sets does not protect you against all threats. It doesn't protect you from data exfiltration by malicious actors who gain access to your keys, for instance. So if you're implementing PE of z/OS data sets, RSM Partners is recommending a set of action points on how data should be replicated for backup purposes. These points are covered in the paper."

    You can download a copy of this Technical Briefing Paper here

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