Mainframe Services: Migrations Software, Hardware & Storage

  • RSM's extensive expertise and experience helps you both speed up and de-risk your mainframe migration projects for software, hardware and storage: helping you ensure your environment is kept up to date, fit for purpose and optimized as necessary, providing optimal support to your business.

  • Migrate and upgrade your systems faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively

    Our mainframe migration and project delivery capabilities are proven in the industry across Software, Hardware and Storage. We deliver projects both directly for clients as well as working indirectly, under sub-contract, trusted by many leading IT industry service providers.


    Mainframe Software Migration Services

    JES3 to JES2

    For those considering the challenges of migrating JES3 to JES2, RSM Migration Services offer you the benefit of having done this already, several times over. From understanding the necessary Preparation and Design Tasks, through Implementation Planning and JCL Modification, RSM can advise and guide you through all the necessary steps - as well as determining and delivering the associated training requirements.

    A valuable additional option is the availability of specialist tooling, targeted at both speeding and de-risking this sort of migration, thereby significantly reducing both labour costs and timescales involved. There are further side benefits to be had is also reducing the necessary investment in new skills and learning.

    Always flexible in our approach to such projects, RSM is happy to discuss how our experience and skills might best be utilised in assisting your own in-house capabilities and resources.

    Get in touch via the 'Ask Us' button at the foot of the page and we'll send you an example Project Outline from one of our recent engagements.

    Version-to-Version Upgrade Services

    Planning and upgrading both IBM and ISV software: z/OS, CICS, Db2, MQ, Automation Tools, Scheduling Tools; alongside tools for CA, BMC, Compuware, ASG. etc. These exercises can be completed either onsite or remotely.

    Vendor Product Swap Out/Migration Services:

    Security Migrations - RACF, ACF2, TSS

    Db2 & IMS Tooling - BMC, CA, IBM

    Monitoring & Automation - Mainview, AFOperator, Omegamon, Systems Automation

    Scheduling - Control M, CA7, TWS

    Tape Management - CA, RMM, TLMS, ZARA

    The following end-to-end migration process components have been developed over the last 15 years, supporting our experts in delivering more than 100 successful migration projects and upgrades:

    Conversion Questionnaire - enabling initial indications of timescale, risk, costs and resources

    Detailed Technical Review - firming up the above initial indicators

    Project Planning

    Project Management - Change Management - Security Management

    Physical Migration: Initiation; Conversion; Testing; Go Live

    Migration Tools and Utilities

    Technical Programing

    Training Courses

    Post Implementation Support

    RSM's inhouse suite of migration-specific tools streamlines and automates multiple aspects of the migration process, speeding and de-risking delivery.

    Vendor Consolidation Services

    Where necessary, RSM can undertake the planning and replacement of complete software vendor portfolios from such as CA, BMC, Compuware, ASG and certain suites of IBM tools.

    Mainframe Storage Migration services

    RSM Partners can assist in vendor selection, planning, execution and implementation, post implementation support, and exploitation of new storage technology:

    Disk to Disk Migrations when upgrading, consolidating or changing disk technology.

    Tape or Virtual Tape Migrations when upgrading, consolidating or changing tape technology.

    Mainframe Hardware Migration services

    RSM Partners expertise can be used to support vendor selection, planning, research of software maintenance requirements, execution and implementation, post implementation support, and exploitation of the hardware technology.

  • Working to a tight deadline to remove and replace an incumbent vendors products with functionally equivalent IBM software tools, RSM Partners mainframe migration services enabled this large European bank to save more than 10 million euros.

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