• Growing resource and skills concerns are causing many to consider Mainframe in the Cloud type services. Supported by estimates that around 40% of the global mainframe technical workforce are approaching retirement age, alongside the continued drive to reduce costs while increasing operational flexibility.

  • Mainframe as a Service: secure and reliable computing services via the Cloud

    At a time of growing resource and budget constraints, and with the IBM Z mainframe platform still critical to those organizations using the platform, the increasing popularity of the Mainframe in the Cloud concept is easy to understand. Embracing the concept means looking afresh at how mainframe services are consumed.

    This is an opportunity to move your workload to a top tier mainframe infrastructure, managed and maintained by top tier mainframe experts, but without the associated headaches and substantial costs typically involved.


    More flexibility lower costs

    The RSM Mainframe Cloud Service provides you with mainframe compute power and storage as a flexible and cost-effective Cloud-based service - also referred to as MaaS (Mainframe as a Service). This allows you to buy mainframe compute power as a straightforward service - RSM providing all the necessary mainframe infrastructure and support required while you simply pay for the compute power and storage you need.

    The RSM solution

    Services are currently delivered via two Tier 3 data centres, each hosting mainframe processing capacity (currently z12s) with IBM disk, tape and VTS solutions.

    All disk and VTS data is replicated, providing you with a robust Disaster Recovery solution. Data can also be backed up to tape in order to provide offsite DR capability, if required. We can also deploy our own performance and security monitoring tools to provide additional value add services. RSM is naturally committed to the mainframe platform and regularly refreshes all infrastructure to remain at N or N-1.

    In delivering a Cloud service, RSM assumes responsibility for all maintenance and upgrade costs relating to the infrastructure - meaning dramatic cost and risk avoidance benefits for our clients. Your people are freed up to focus on core business, IT and other value add activities rather than dealing with a constantly growing list of mainframe infrastructure challenges.


    Scale - flex your compute power up and down far more easily, in line with changing business demands.

    Performance - your workloads run on top tier architectures, which many organizations cannot afford to purchase as standalone systems, realizing top performance.

    Budget allocation - you can move to a consumption/lease model for mainframe services and pay for services from Operating Expenses rather than Capital Expenditure.

    Business continuity/DR - you have an assurance of business continuity: RSM Partners Cloud Services offer inbuilt redundancy that most organizations invariably find cost-prohibitive.This can mean reduced downtime in the event of a failure, plus assurances of full recovery.

    Ease of migration - RSM Partners is a longstanding expert in IBM Z mainframes, so you can be confident of a smooth migration to the Cloud from your current services.

    More predictable costs - your RSM Service Delivery Manager will discuss and agree SLA and RACI models with you, providing accurate projections of costs going forward.

    Support - we offer a full range of 24/7/365 incident support services, Helpdesk and remote resources.

  • Cloud-based backup via RSM Partners is protecting a client's small but business-critical mainframe footprint, ensuring a more consistent hassle-free approach and providing peace of mind.

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