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    Mainframe ServicesCapacity Cost Reduction

  • With IT management under constant pressure to reduce expenditure and demonstrate value for money, our Mainframe Capacity Cost Reduction services are designed to help deliver more from less, driving down costs, and improving mainframe performance and capacity management.

  • Significantly reduce your mainframe running costs

    The running costs of mainframe environments are perceived as being too high, whether an outsourcing partner is being used or the equipment is owned and managed within the enterprise. While costs of hardware processing power and storage have fallen, software charges have continued to spiral upwards, increasing costs for all.

    RSM Mainframe Capacity Cost Reduction services will help ensure your mainframe system is running at optimal levels, reducing the capacity required to deliver service targets, directly leading to substantially lower costs. Optimizing your mainframe systems and reducing capacity requirements not only defer the need for capacity upgrade and reduce software bills but can also improve service levels.

    As part of this service, we analyse your mainframe environments in detail, clearly identifying and quantifying optimization opportunities that will help lower both capacity required and related hardware and software costs.


    Mainframe Capacity Cost Reduction options

    Cost Reduction by management of workload peaks - we analyse workloads, to identify those driving the four-hour rolling average (4HRA), then model candidates for optimization, building realistic scenarios, targeting savings that are typically around 10%.

    Cost Reduction by management of capacity requirements - we analyse workloads, identifying those driving the peaks, on which outsourced capacity requirements are based. We then model candidates for optimization, building realistic scenarios, again targeting savings, typically around 10%.

    Savings by optimal use of IBM Special Assist Processors - RSM experts analyse your workloads to identify and plan how you might take advantage of these special processors, thereby reducing costs associated with use of general purpose processors.

    Savings by minimizing Independent Software Vendor costs - RSM can challenge these costs: reviewing the efficiency and make up of your software portfolio; checking workloads and confirming the most appropriate LPAR configuration to minimize spend; at all times ensuring you continue to meet or exceed service requirements.

    Savings by application and workload tuning - identifying potential for significant gains in resource usage; implementing changes to reduce running costs while improving overall quality of service.

    Savings by Workload Manager policy optimisation - analysing workloads in conjunction with enterprise service targets to check WLM policy, identifying optimization opportunities.

    Savings through optimizing LPAR configuration - workload and LPAR configuration analysis, recommending possible changes to improve delivery.

    Ongoing Management - delivering a tailored solution, delivering RSM capacity and performance management as a service

    Approaching major change with confidence - predicting capacity requirements to accommodate forthcoming change, enabling IT resources to be deployed in a timely manner.

  • For a leading insurer, we analysed mainframe processing and made changes in overnight batch workloads to reduce capacity requirements by 2,000 MIPS significantly reducing the monthly cost of essential mainframe services.

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