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  • Addressing key gaps in the marketplace, our integrated suite of mainframe security software tools helps you better manage and secure your mainframe systems through an easy-to-use browser-based environment.

  • Powerful, easy to use software solutions to protect and enhance your mainframe security

    This proven mainframe security software includes browser interfaces for basic RACF administration, self-service password reset and control of temporary emergency access. There's also exception-based security reporting, helping ensure that important arising issues are not missed. This is complemented by our SIEM compatible dashboard, alerting you in real-time to security events of significance. You can also now access our underlying architecture, facilitating easy connection between your mainframe and any enterprise solutions.

    RSM Partners mainframe security software received IBM's 'Ready for IBM Security Intelligence' validation in 2016. RSM is a member of the IBM Developer Community and supports any new release of z/OS on the same day as General Availability.


    All RSM Partners software products are certified 'z/Assured'. z/Assure® is a vulnerability scanning tool from Key Resources Inc., designed to conduct automated, comprehensive binary code testing throughout the product development and QA life cycles. This z/Assured™ product certification demonstrates RSM's commitment to security, ensuring all our products are robust, secure and reliable.

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  • racfGUI

    Intuitive RACF Admin

    racfGUI greatly simplifies basic RACF admin tasks, requiring no mainframe expertise or expert skills. It provides a return on investment based on improved speed, efficiency, productivity and accuracy, with commands being automatically replicated across LPARs. Browser-based, you can use the solution securely on any device, from anywhere.

  • Breakglass

    Secure access control made easy

    Breakglass provides temporary emergency access control in a fully secured and audited manner. Different user groups can request temporary additional security permissions in order to complete a specific task.

  • Self Service Password Reset

    Simple and secure password reset

    Self Service Password Reset is a fast, secure and reliable way for users to reset their own RACF password, removing the need to contact a central helpdesk or security administration team.

  • exceptionReporter

    Security reporting managed by exception

    exceptionReporter offers significantly more robust security monitoring, reporting and compliance assurance by offering user customizable exception based reporting. Using a traffic light overview focuses attention by exception analysis. A suite of over sixty automatically generated reports yields an 80% reduction in the time to detect and monitor arising security issues.

  • zDetect

    Powerful real time security monitoring

    zDetect is a SIEM compatible z/OS mainframe security monitoring tool that detects actual and potential security related issues. It monitors, records and uses advanced security algorithms to apply intelligent analysis to detect suspicious events that can pose a threat to an organization's security situation.

  • enterpriseConnector

    Enterprise wide system integration for your mainframe

    Enterprise Wide systems such as Identity Access Management, Monitoring Systems or Analytics Engines rarely understand or support the intricacies of mainframe architectures and security policies. By contrast, enterpriseConnector enables flexible and secure deployment of enterprise wide solutions for your mainframe systems, whether they are RACF, ACF/2 or Top Secret.

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  • Download the RSM Security Software Suite datasheet


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