• enterpriseConnector is a highly flexible product that enables a wide range of enterprise solutions to be fully and securely integrated with mainframe systems and infrastructure

  • Business Objective

    Enterprise solutions aim to provide the business with a single infrastructure across all operational platforms. They typically address areas such as access and identity management; password management; system monitoring; and analytics. However, to be truly enterprise wide, these solutions must also include any mainframe systems. In practice though, mainframe integration is often compromised by these enterprise solutions not having full knowledge of mainframe infrastructures, associated data formats and protocols. Each mainframe LPAR is seen as an isolated system, rather than part of a shared Sysplex environment.

    There are also security concerns, as these enterprise solutions often require privileged access rights to various mainframe resources. This results in highly privileged mainframe account information being stored off of the mainframe, providing an attack vector for penetrating the mainframe.

    Typically, enterprise wide functionality is either reduced for mainframe systems or alternative solutions end up being adopted to cater for the mainframe, driving up costs and somewhat negating the benefit being sought in investing in an enterprise wide solution.

    RSM's enterpriseConnector addresses these concerns by providing a secure, auditable and flexible way for enterprise solutions to cleanly integrate with the mainframe infrastructure.


  • RSM Partners Solution

    enterpriseConnector provides a secure protection layer between the enterprise solution and the mainframe, negating the need for the enterprise solution to understand the mainframe Sysplex architecture, command/data formats or to require privileged access rights.

    A range of common communication interfaces are supported, such as RESTful APIs, https, SSH, together with data handling for JSON, XML and HTTP.

    The key feature of enterpriseConnector is the ability to fully customise the solution to support internal data formats and company policies.

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