Mainframe Security: Mainframe Security Assessment

    Mainframe SecurityMainframe Security Assessment

  • Providing you with the confidence that your mainframe has undergone a best practice mainframe security assessment and health check: key to successfully protecting your mainframe systems against security breaches - whether hacking, internal threat or accidental data loss.

  • Review essential security controls on your IBM Z mainframe platform

    A mainframe security assessment is often performed by organizations or individuals possessing little to no mainframe knowledge or understanding: we see them typically performing a simple Checklist or Ticklist audit. Worryingly, having received a clean mainframe audit, this leaves organizations incorrectly believing their mainframe infrastructure is secure and infallible. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, an expert mainframe security assessment by RSM Partners is key to fully understanding your IBM mainframe infrastructure in security terms, ensuring the most robust and appropriate controls are in place.


  • Securing your mainframe and protecting your valuable data

    RSM Partners mainframe security consultants use a proven methodology for any ESM: IBMs RACF, CAs ACF/2 or Top Secret. Service delivery includes:

    Initial Discussions and Scoping Exercise

    Detailed Technical Assessment using IBM and CA utilities, with initial findings provided onsite

    Mainframe Security Assessment and Health Check, covering current ESM Implementation and security administration for each database

    Detailed Assessment of Security Policy and Procedures both formal and informal controls

    Reporting with recommendations covering Sensitive Datasets/Libraries, Application Data, Public Resources, User SVCs, Command Authority and more

    Face-to-face Reviews and/or Webinars to discuss findings and risks

    Bespoke Checklists, recommending activities for remediation and risk mitigation

  • Reducing the risk of mainframe hacking and internal malicious attacks

    Conducting either a mainframe security assessment or mainframe security health check

    RSM Partners security experts check and review all security controls

    Fully understanding your security posture - revealing weaknesses and vulnerabilities

    Plugging gaps in your defences today - making essential improvements

  • Working for a US-based client, RSM Partners security consultants identified, risk assessed and prioritized various security issues on the mainframe, creating a detailed project plan for remediation including the deployment of short-term compensating controls.

    Example Client Engagement

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